Shocker campaign of the year…

I wanted to quickly share the shocker campaign of the year for me – I’m aware there are still 2 months to go until we officially end the year, but I am thinking nothing else will top this. If you have anything better though, please ping it over to me! Or comment below – I would like to know…

This is an AIDS-prevention campaign in France that launched few months ago. It is absolutely mad – you get to fondle breasts and flick balls, all animated of course… which makes it slightly more appropriate. The main message of the campaign is that of all the things you can do with just a finger, getting tested (for HIV) may be the single most important one.

They have an actual Sexy Fingers’ YouTube channel, where some bizarre videos awaits you, and then there is the official website where you get to play with animated boobies and what-not – and let me tell you they found a lot of x-rated ways to use a finger…

I’ve been searching to see what uplift this campaign has given to people applying to get tested. What I find great about this campaign, except having seen 50 different types of balls, is that although the issue at hand is serious, the way it is communicated is not which is very uncommon in this type of sector. And I think this is a shocking, yet fantastic way to show that you have to be brave for the sake of engaging your audience.

The messaging however is not so well though-after. For one, I’m not sure why, when I click Share on Facebook, it is telling my friends about the ad agency who did the campaign rather than focusing on the ‘sexy fingers’ and the issue at hand?!

Anyway… great brave campaign that brings forth an uncomfortable subject in a disarming way – and wins SHOCKER of the year ‘Nes Awards’ (I’m sure this award will be official one day…)



~ by nessahinkaya on November 5, 2011.

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