Digital Advertising & The Rest Of The World

After reading a rather intriguing article on Adage about what is happening in different countries when it comes to digital marketing, I wanted to basically comment on it in my blog too. You can read the full article there. I just took out the bits I found interesting, made it a bit shorter and put it at the end of this post as bulletpoints!

No doubt digital is huge in countries such as USA, UK, Turkey and Germany but what is happening in the rest of the world? After all, the unique thing about the Internet was its ability to connect people worldwide, and now many international businesses are actually using this to their advantage, unifying their brand message across the globe.

Traveling industries especially are making the most of this access, and recently there has been reviews and stats showing the Ski Resorts are doing the worldwide social the best – This I might call “country-neutral” advertising. You can read the full article on how resort industry uses social media at Mashable.

All these reasons combined got me really interested in the overview of digital marketing in the rest of the world…. W are all going ‘culture-neutral’, exposed to things that will either teach us or gross us. But either way, it is a big step towards an open-minded audience.

Here is a few facts about the rest of the world and their digital stats:

  • China‘s biggest news was the Google censorship this year. Google users are in bigger cities and with higher education, so very niche market. Chinese social networks are doing well and many marketers are using them. The fact they can’t use Facebook and YouTube makes all the social online pure Chinese.
  • Indonesia has no confidence that the internet will help build a sustainable business yet.
  • Malaysia online is for young people only, and only about 0,5% – 1% of the population!
  • Philippines Digital books (something that UK hasn’t excelled in yet) and e-zines (local news) adopt the digital marketing very well! Advertisers are waiting for monitoring of internet ads.
  • In Brazil Twitter is its own trending topic!
  • Japan The divide between virtual and real world has become the smallest! Social networks are doings the best. However as most of the population owns 3G, it makes developers life a lot easier and they can offer top & advanced apps!
  • India media is dominated by print and TV still and no major shift towards online yet.

For amazing interactive visual mapping the growth of internet worldwide, see


~ by nessahinkaya on February 26, 2010.

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