Sociable: Bloggers and Brands

In my week in New York, I had the chance to attend a seminar on social media in fashion presented by Lume Creative. The two speakers are the most famous bloggers, not to mention the first of their kind, Scott Schuman and Garance Dore. They are the most respected and sought after fashion ‘artists’. Scott is the first street-style photographer with his own unique style & point of view when it comes to catching people on the street. His blog has become so famous and his photography so admired that he has worked with many famous brands and people, including a street-style photography work for Burberry’s Art Of The Trench campaign.

Garance Dore is an illustrator and photographer who also has her own chic style and creative input. She is the queen of fashion blogging with record-breaking followers world-wide.

In this conference, these two, being the first of their kind in blogging, shared what inspired them in the first place and the changes we see in the past decade within blogging. There are now over hundreds of bloggers and street-style photographers, and these two are the ones who started it all years ago. They told us why they think some bloggers are successful and stand out, as well as how blogging has and will change the fashion industry and brand-awareness in general

As it is in any industry, not just fashion, successful bloggers are the ones with a distinct point of view and are not afraid to put it across. Garance and Scott believe bloggers should most certainly have their unique selling point with their own point of view and not give into what people ‘might like to read’ but instead focus on their own artistry/opinions and style.

The thing about blogging is not about sponsorship or being ‘bought’ once you have reached a certain tip point and share of readers. Both Garance and Scott never once thought that their blogs would earn them this fame, yet alone become a career of some sort. But even though it has, to them their blogs are about freedom of doing what they want to do in their own space, and having people admire that and that only if they wish to. Having your own voice and not loosing it no matter what is the key. Garance and Scott never let their other career opportunities or jobs inflict upon their own personal writing and style, hence why they are still so popular within their committed readers. Brands must be aware of this in any industry within any kew bloggers, and never try to ‘buy’ a bloggers space because this will only backfire.

It is no doubt bloggers in general can hold power over brands and it is vital for brands to recognize this. However a brand should also never interfere with the content of a particular blogger, but instead be open-minded about what they can do ‘together’, just like Burberry did with Scott with The Art Of The Trench. They didn’t tell him what to do, they told him to do what he does best but with a subject that would benefit Burberry’s trench and consumer. They gave him endless creativity, hence why Scott has accepted to do this job in the first place.

There is no doubt that we will see more brand and blogger relationships in the future, and this is certainly not only in fashion but other industries too. Already many are using leading bloggers as a way to promote or create awareness of their brands. We find the best bloggers in the automative industry to create awareness of a new upcoming vehicle, or we find the best tech blogger to promote a new phone…. It is about brands respecting these bloggers’ reach and voice. ‘Product placement’ within a blogging space is never going to work, as the reason people trust these bloggers is for the writers own personal point of view. Once this has been compromised with sponsorships or selling a product, it will lose its credibility and will do only damage.


~ by nessahinkaya on February 22, 2010.

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