Asos does well in social media

Mr. Hornik on Social Media: “Who said Media? Media is something you can buy and sell. Media contains inventory. Media contains blank spaces” and this is exactly what I want to write about today on Asos.

Asos has become one of the biggest young online fashion retailers in the country. It has been growing ever since its launch, and their product range has becoming stronger and stronger. I met one of their bloggers, who told me once a dress is featured in a magazine, it is gone within the next couple of days and that they receive emails from customers straight away! This is how they got to be, and the reason is not just their very affordable prices on a good range of fashion and celebrity clothing, but also they did one thing right. They talked to the right people, then listened and then engaged them in their own environment.

Asos has been featuring big in all women’s magazines! From higher-end Cosmopolitan to lower-end gossip magazines… But they all have one thing in common: Women who love clothes! And cheaper ones in that! Women who see something on a celebrity and want it for themselves at a cheap price! Women who aspire to be looking good at all times.

Recently Asos did a product line expansion into Mens, and although Men is nowhere near as popular as Womens, it is still becoming one of the best mens fashion sites.

With their better products, larger customer base and sales up the roof, Asos did not just spend more money on TV ads or tactical/awareness campaigns. They went straight into the depth of customer engagement – Women, fashion, gossip. Their website has turned into a community within a week, they have their own Asos bloggers everywhere – on Twitter, on Asos website, Facebook and Bebo. And their content is one of the best I’ve seen. It’s rich, it’s frequent and personal!

I went to see a designer in London Fashion Week where I met one of the Asos bloggers, the one I mentioned above. She was invited to the show so she could blog for Asos site, and it was great to see the employees of Asos are as passionate about fashion as its customers (and as they claim to be!). They use their personal names on Twitter and Asos community page, as well as being online – what seems like 24/7- answering any requests and sharing great pieces of information on what customers care about.

And to top it all off, now they put their customers reviews (tweets) on one page for all to see!


~ by nessahinkaya on January 29, 2010.

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