Year 2009

Image From The Guardian website

From amazing new ads to new technology, so much has changed and so much has been reinvented in the world of communications. Recession forced every agency and every client to go back to questioning the bottom line in their communications strategy – which not only brought out some exciting experimental marketing but also a truly inspiring creativity that challenged even the best thinkers. It’s like low-budgets reinvented the meaning of ‘think outside the box‘ – something social, something engaging, something conversational, something cheap, if not free….

Twitter, which has been the main talk of 2009 has been criticised, documented, reviewed over and over, and been used by many agencies and clients. Dell rings up $6million sales from Twitter which was enough to prove credibility of Twitter-marketing. Now Google embeds twitter-feed in its search results…

I can’t possibly fit all of what has been happening this year in one post, especially as this year has been one of the most exciting and challenging years for our industry. Studying, watching and analysing this industry at its one of the most challenging years have been inspirational beyond words – it only proved this industry can only evolve, not regress. Advertising industry is the key solution for clients in an economic crisis. And I respect it even more.

Now, going back to celebrating 2009, every channel has started paying their contribution to the year now that it is almost NY! And I wanted to share a few of those which I thought was very nicely done!

Guardian Technology has found the essential 100 websites of 2009 which is a really nice summary of all things digital.
Time has rounded up the year in pictures with a great slideshow.
Brand Republic could fit the best stories of 2009 into one post.
I wish everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

~ by nessahinkaya on December 24, 2009.

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