In the world of digital, let’s not forget the basics

Banners, micro-sites, aumented reality, phone applications, mobile web, interactivity, anything you want on demand, targeted ads, user experience… These are all some examples that digital offers which gives endless invaluable opportunities for brands. And when it comes to shopping every store now has an online existence; online magazines, catalogues, offers, games, micro-sites, forums, interactivity, advice, on-demand queries….. But seeing the streets busy every single day I know our digital population is still involved in in-store experiences, and this is what I want to talk about. We can’t forget this basic, but fundamental, interaction with our consumers.

In cosmetic stores, we are greeted with girls who look fab and will jump on us to make us try the latest lipstick. They are waiting ready with their make-up brushes in-hand! Clothing stores, gaming stores, department stores are full of sale advisers who stand and wait to help if we ever do ask for one. Boutiques and designer stores greet us with a smile and asks us if we are just browsing or searching for something.. and then they leave us alone if we want.

But my visit to The Body Shop in Somerset area changed my point of view on their brand. Not only did I get to learn a lot about their products, I didn’t feel I was being interrupted or being sold to. The sale-girl helped me look through the things I wanted, suggested things that I might like (just like recommendations on!), pointed out the special sales on/coming-up, offered me a hand cream which smelt great, and then waved goodbye to me with a huge smile. Now I know I will go back there again.

In digital, user experience is the key. We want the consumer to have a smooth and simple journey from the point they are at to the point where they reach our site. This is exactly how we do it in our offline existence, let it be in-stores, branded events or experiential marketing. It is all about making it easy, enjoyable and relevant for them so they come back. We can’t ask them to visit us again (online or offline), they will make that choice themselves once they had their first experience. No offer or funky ads will change that (It can, but not as easy as if they had a great first-experience!).

Viva to user experience! Let it be online or offline….


~ by nessahinkaya on September 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “In the world of digital, let’s not forget the basics”

  1. my thought exactly Nes! At the end of the day, what matters is the users' experience of the brand and whether the brand is actually what it claims to be. I had a similar experience with the Body Shop and I don't doubt that it is probably a reflection of their brand values (and the type of people they hire as a result). Great post!

  2. thank you Daisy! 🙂 x -Nes

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