Microsoft’s BIG mistake

I could not not blog about this. I am sure everyone heard of Microsoft’s latest ad campaign that raised a lot of issues on racism and got strong criticism – deservedly. They used one image for America and another for Poland. The difference between the creative execution of these two ads? The head of one of the people in the ad was photoshopped to be a white man instead. Yes, just the head. Literally cut and paste a head onto the body. Not a different photo shoot, not a different execution all together. Just cut and paste.

Poland’s population is 97% white. Microsoft reacted to this reality with its ad campaign. That is a whole other issue, the racism and portrayal of a brand according to the people it is talking to. However, how disgraceful and ridiculous it is to use the same image but cut the black guy out? I mean what kind of an agency was in charge of this? And what kind of a client approved of this? They didn’t even bother to change the colour of the guys hands when putting a white face to him…

Here is some advice from a junior. Microsoft, at least respect your brand, as well as your consumer, enough to at least pull together a different photo-shoot to portray different nations/culture/context of public. That is to say if you are OK with disregarding your brand’s values (or not even having one) so all you want is a quick sale.

Well, this is my say on this…


~ by nessahinkaya on September 4, 2009.

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