Twitter bandwagon

The Twitter is becoming a real hype within the communications industry. Everyone from advertisers to editors to tv hosts and celebrities are hopping on this bandwagon. The figures show Twitter is not as popular as it claims to be, as 80% of tweets comes from only a 20% of its Twitterers. So why do we think it is such a great investment in the advertising and marketing industry?

Twitter enables brand owners, companies and any other authoritative figures to speak directly to the public, minute by minute if they choose to do so. And in these years of digital, where everyone is used to unfiltered information and trusts only raw data, it is inevitable that Twitter is the most simple and accurate way to do that. You don’t need to host all your content in your website, where to be honest most people won’t visit everyday or even remember to, but via Twitter it is on their on own page along with their other chosen and loved Twitterers. It not only provides the internet generation with a raw data feed from whomever they like, it lets companies to have that long-term engagement with their potential consumers, as well as giving the company a chance to hear what is being said about their brand; – this is such a gem.

The success of We-love-NHS twitter page, in which even Gordon Brown and his wife got involved, is one of the greatest examples of the great potential that Twitter has.

I would say it still has a couple of things to work on, such as targeting. One of the examples of a brand using Twitter for targeting pizza-lovers was a Pizza restaurant in USA. They automatically respond to any tweet that has the word ‘pizza’ in it. You can see where the fault is: me as a UK citizen, it is really not me who they should be responding to. Situations such as this shows the need for Twitter to collect and use its users’ data more efficiently.

I believe if Twitter continues to do as it is doing, keeping it simple, to the point and user-friendly, it has nothing to worry about and brands can benefit more and more from its platform. However a recent Twitter application really got me worried. The application, RichTweets, lets you tweet longer than the current 140 characters, using different fonts and colours, including videos etc. don’t we love Twitter for it’s 140 character word limit and simple communications that won’t annoy or ‘spam’ our homepage?

I am curious to find out how this one pans out now..


~ by nessahinkaya on August 31, 2009.

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