Gone mad with geo-tagging

I have to say, I am absolutely loving all the new technologies that makes us all very ‘able’ to better our communications and reach. And one of these newly buzzed ideas is geo-tagging. Just like its name, you can tag places on interactive map. Completely interactive, user-generated and quite frankly a big opportunity for the communications industry. I believe this might just be bringing us that one step closer to greater mobile marketing use.

Well, like with most things, some brands use it well, and some don’t. I realized it is hard for some companies to not jump on a bandwagon and say “let’s just do it, it’s cool”. Well, it doesn’t work that way. With millions of iPhone apps, “let’s just do it” won’t cut it.

One bad example is the new MasterCard app called ‘Priceless Picks’, an application for their “Priceless” campaign. Once you sign in, you can see all the places which has special offers/sale. But because it is so price-led, it attracts the local shops and businesses rather than the users the brand intended to get.

I have a couple of problems with this idea;
1- MasterCard celebrates the priceless moments in people’s life with their ATL campaign. This application does the opposite. It doesn’t sing true to the brand.
2- This creates an ad-platform for all the retailers, soon it will be overwhelmed with ‘deals’ and won’t be any different than the annoying ‘untargeted’ sale ads we get through the post/email/leaflets.

Sorry MasterCard. I think using this technology to maybe do something only user-generated – such as letting your consumer tag the priceless moments they had around the city, the things money can’t buy, and let them share these with their friends – would be a lot more engaging.


~ by nessahinkaya on July 31, 2009.

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