Microsoft’s vague attempt.. once again

Microsoft has a way of digging itself a huge hole, doesn’t it? I mentioned these before, in my previous posts; how they responded to Apple with Apple-style ads which only made them look even more desperate and weak. Anyone who knows me, and reads this blog with a bit of intense interest, will see my admiration for Apple and most of all for Steve Jobs as he is a one-man success for Apple.

However Microsoft is a huge company that delivers great product-driven solutions, but not necessarily as daring and out-of-the-box as they claim to be. They will never be an outlaw brand, and therefore they should cling on to their heritage and their amazing range of services. Attempting to be something they are not is just vague. And that is exactly how I feel about their latest attempt with its new search engine bing.

They claimed it would change the way people search, it would change people’s idea of what a search engine is… They claimed more than they could deliver and therefore no doubt they failed and will continue to do so. It is great they threw millions of dollars to advertising for bing, however putting a proposition out there that can’t deliver will only make those dollars a dept in your account rather than a good profit. They did raise enough awareness and PR to get people to go on it to try it out, but I doubt anyone has returned back as it never ‘changed the way people search’.

All it has different is if you search say a famous person, on the side it will give sub links to quotes/films (if its an actor)/shops etc, so it is useful. however it is hardly a breakthrough service. We are familiar with searching for products so much now, mostly thanks to Google that having sub-links to help us out is not that evolutionary in our search behavior.

Sorry Microsoft, but bing might have risen a great awareness for its launch, but it is no way a product that lives up to its given proposition. It’s main competition is Yahoo, not Google, so maybe this might help its market share a little. Microsoft, if you are going to be ambition about your products, produce them first, rather than representing ambition only through your words and ads. Mr. Ogilvy’s words come to mind “Consumer is not an idiot, she is your wife”

You think I am being too harsh? Check it out yourself and see if it changes the way you search.


~ by nessahinkaya on June 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Microsoft’s vague attempt.. once again”

  1. Loving your post, lovely. You're not being too harsh, you're speaking your mind, and you're so very right on this one. I completely agree that they should focus on their strengths instead of copying Apple's coms strategy. And if they're worried about their competitors, they should have a meeting with their development & innovation team, not ask the marketeers to do the work.This quote from PR Harold Burson comes to my mind: 'WORDS ARE MERELY WORDS, AND THEY CAN BE PURELY COSMETIC IF THEY AREN'T BACKED BY CONVICTIONS, ACTIONS & POLICIES'Later, xx

  2. Hey, I wrote a post on bing too, check it out herewww.iambiscuitbarrel.blogspot.comLiam

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