Great initiative and effective execution

Obama has closed down secret prisons and showed his disapproval of torture. Now, there is a petition going by Reprieve to stop music torture. It is favoured because of the lack of evidence it leaves on the body. It might sound silly; music? torture?… Victims are left in very stress positions with music blasting full volume for days, weeks and months. The initiative for this petition is of course great, I couldn’t agree any less with it.

However what is even more inspiring to see is the execution of how it is been collected.

The site shows supporters, including famous people, filmed in silent protest, with users encouraged to record their own videos to join the petition and to be played on the site. There are literally thousands of them… And when you see these different people from all around the world doing a silent protest, it effects you more than any signature or words ever could do.

Check this out:


~ by nessahinkaya on June 1, 2009.

One Response to “Great initiative and effective execution”

  1. That's pretty cool really. Who'd have thought that silence speaks louder than words sometimes.. x

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