nostalgia epidemics, but M&S got it wrong?

We, as consumers, were invited to celebrate the existence of many brands this year. Virgin Atlantic, Hovis, Sainsbury’s… And we enjoyed them too. In these times, it is now no secret that selling a service rather than a product benefits the brand.

However, the new M&S ad celebrating it’s 125 years really falls flat. Especially compared to the core-shaking ‘This is your M&S” ads; they were food porn done in a very classy and delicious way. The quality of M&S shone through. The new ad featuring Twiggy feels a little lazy. It is as if they said “let’s just do one, everyone else is doing it”.

In the past, Twiggy had been an important face of change for M&S, especially when the brand was struggling over 5 years ago with declining sales and confused customers. Ads featuring Twiggy promoting the then-new M&S went like a treat in repositioning the brand. However, use of her now for this particular ad shows no relevance. It neither portrays the quality of M&S, nor shows what really is to be celebrated; their USP of great customer service, great products and quality all the way. The new ad briefly mentiones these, but who needs Twiggy narrating a story? It makes it seem fake and lazy.

And “Quality worth every penny“..? Please, everyone is counting their pennies and giving up their luxuy choices and shops to save up, so why remind them of pennies? Especially as M&S has never been about price. M&S = quality. Keep it that way, or you might end up competing against Tesco’s…

Here is the new M&S ad…


~ by nessahinkaya on May 24, 2009.

One Response to “nostalgia epidemics, but M&S got it wrong?”

  1. I agree with you, it's kind of boring and not very credible nor engaging really.. As for 'worth every penny', I can understand because even if you don't want to compromise on quality, or are already a loyal customer, like everyone else, you're trying to watch what you spend, so it's good to remind people that it's worth paying a bit more, esp since they're having lots of good deals at the moment.. still the slogan doesn't do everything, especially if your ads are s***! 🙂 xx

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