Consumer habits; advertising, marketing, arts and beyond…

I came across a great artist at Tate Modern this week. She is called Roni Horn, she is thriving to establish the viewers perception of things, getting this to be part of her art, rather than leaving us to be just an observer. “I want to make the meaning of a work people’s experience of it”.

The viewers play an active role in establishing the meaning of her art. She believes the memory plays a big role in perception, hence her enthusiasm in ‘pairing’ her art. She has a sculpture, an object, in one room and when we walk further down her exhibition, the same object is there again only this time the meaning is filtered by the viewers memory (of the first object in the earlier room). She calls this similar to advertising, getting into people’s habit and therefore directly getting the viewer actively involved in her art.

This has made me think of other situations, which might seem as random, directly use the same rules and methods we use in advertising.

And this is not the only place where the improtance of consumer habits are forefront. Einstein knew this, that he could make things appear in a certain way when it was put in a specific way. And many films use this rule to establish consumer habits, not only portray them but influence them directly. For example, “Dirty Harry” made the 44 Magnum gun very popular in the US. Films are similar to advertising, they use socially established symbolisms and characterizations to appeal to certain people and be recognizable enough for them to relate to. And they always find new ways of telling the same old story. We always have a heroine, a hero, a villain, an exciting incident (a turn point for the film), a lesson… Every time film industry uses these same old rules, recycles them, and still makes it out to be newer, more exciting, more appealing and simply more succesful. They always find news ways to tell a story. Let this be technological; special effects, or something more intangible; such as ideas and creativity.


~ by nessahinkaya on May 18, 2009.

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