Sir Branson and new Virgin Trains ad

Great TV ad from Virgin Trains. Targeting business travelers; young and older. Virgin Trains might have found the great insight here, as recession provides us with less money we don’t travel as often as we would like. But the people who has no other choice when it comes the traveling are the businessman/woman.

They travel on a daily basis to get to work, or they travel often to make it to s presentation/client meeting/new business. So travel companies should definitely take notice of this particular group. Back to this ad, it definitely appeals to this target group, as well as putting a bit of ‘virgin brand taste’ into their routine; the vibrant feel, fun atmosphere and hassle-free top service. Very much like the Virgin Airlines ad, Virgin brand is coherent with its communication throughout its services.

Not only did they target this group significantly, they also broadened this appeal with their other execution to target travelers for personal reasons (e.g. too see your girlfriend/boyfriend).

Again, I am a big fan of this execution. It turned out just like a virgin ad, putting a bright light into the routine-full boring days! Richard Branson makes an appearance too!

Business travelers:

Personal reasons:


~ by nessahinkaya on May 6, 2009.

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