Engagement continues with T-Mobile…

After the successful T-Mobile dancing event and follow-up footage for ads, Trident used similar execution for its sponsorship of Beyonce’s concert that is taking place in the UK after the summer. They had dancers, dressed the same style as Beyonce’s music video ‘Single ladies’, and danced professionally to the tune in Piccadilly Circus. However, although the intention of Trident was good, unfortunately what otherwise would have been an exciting execution fell kind of flat as it got lost under the shadow of the previous T-Mobile ad. Trident did this way too soon after T-Mobile.

And T-Mobile is going stronger in bringing “Life’s for Sharing” proposition into life, with yet another exciting ‘engagement’ event in Trafalgar Square, a big sing-a-long to very well known songs with hundreds of people joining in to the big karaoke screen! It really is a step up from their dancing ad, as this time they got actual public involved, and we know how much public loves a good karaoke! It was like a get-to-together festival style with the worlds biggest karaoke machine/club! Is This The Way To Amarillo.. lalalaaa

Many users have already uploaded their versions on YouTube, and the official video has thousands of views. I applaud T-Mobile for their bravery in their advertising, and I praise Saatchi&Saatchi for their engagement and execution of T-Mobile’s new proposition so well.


~ by nessahinkaya on May 1, 2009.

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