Rory Sutherland – IPA – Ideas are free

I have been meaning to write this post for days – celebrating the new chairman of IPA; the first creative to take the position!

If you got the chance to watch his speech, or read his opinions on the future of the industry in this week’s Campaign magazine, I’m sure you are all inspired and excited about his visions as much as I am.

He celebrates the ‘Big Idea’, the one most, ifnot all, praised since the recession period started. He talks about bringing all disciplines together to work for that one objective and believes the advertising industry’s gem of gold ‘Big Idea’; the expertise and insight only the industry can bring – can only live to be better, new media to emerge, such as digital, can only bring in more opportunities for it to grow. The last point is so liberating in a way. For weeks and months we have all been reading about the uncertainty of digital and social media, new emerging digital agencies etc and the industry has welcomed these new tools with a bit of salt. It seems to flinch at these new channels rather than celebrate it.

What Rory does however is the opposite. He celebrates the fact that we have more tools available to us to make better use of our big ideas. He believes our strength lies within the industry and therefore we should be looking at each other to learn from different expertise that different agencies have.

He also talks about the segmented media, client-agency relationships as well as pointing out that the industry’s future is about helping to better the client’s business more than one (advertising) way; such as giving expert opinions, insights, suggestions…

Here you can view his speech


~ by nessahinkaya on April 28, 2009.

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