China and Confucious – America and Obama

I had a thought after reading some news about China on The Week magazine 11 April 2009.

The article is “China’s greatest thinker, long regarded as an enemy of Communism, is enjoying a state-sanctioned comeback.

My thoughts are about if this could be a Obama-style branding. America had Obama to replace the daunting effects, as well as the hatred perception, that Bush had brought on. China is using Confucious to fill the void that it’s rampant consumerism left on ethics.

I have to say, with many of other powerful knowledge of China on many issues and sectors, their PR capabilities are pretty awesome too. Basically, the Chinese great philosopher, Confucious, is being reinstated. The state is funding £16m film about the sage, Confucian texts are being brought to the fore in universities and schools, and Institutes have been set up in over 50 countries to support and promote this famous Chinese thinker. Apparently even prisoners are being taught Confucious principles now.

Our school minister, Jim Knight, recently went on a trip to China, and in his return he was passionate on bringing Chinese teachings into our class rooms. Stats over here shows the pupils from Chinese backgrounds performs better than most. Confucious wisdom is believed to have an effect. Our school minister, Jim Knight, is planning to import the teachings of Confucious into our class rooms. (Times Online)

“There is a lot we can learn from the Chinese culture and Confucius. Confucius said that, alongside knowledge, you should have time to think. It is not just about acquisition of knowledge, but about respect for the importance of education and the family, and that is something I would love to see engendered in our culture as well as it is in China.”

That is a whole new debate, however my point here goes back to branding. China is doing a great job in bringing Confucious back into books not only in their own country via films etc, but over here as well. Hu Jintao, China’s President, is bringing up the hype before successfully re-implementing Confucious ‘s ideal of harmony and obedience. . .


~ by nessahinkaya on April 21, 2009.

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