Baroque, Catholic Church and the greatest brand….

I visited the Baroque exhibition in the V&A this weekend. (V&A is now holding a huge “Baroque” exhibition with includes many sections such as style, art, design and performance). Baroque was the leading fashion/style in Europe until the mid 17th century. It was dramatic and moving, also very serious in its purpose. It was used on many forms by designers and artists.

This style is known to please all your senses from visual to touch to sight. Performance, theater, objects, materials, architecture… And one section really stood out for me in terms of branding and marketing. Baroque in ‘Sacred Spaces‘. This style was fundamental to the Catholic Church. It was promoted globally by popes, cardinals, priests, whorshipper. It was so influencial that it “spread to the four corners of the globe”. It was an amazing part of the exhibition, to see how magnificent and influential the Catholic Church had made itself, and become the most respected, loved and inspiring ‘theme’ of many centuries.

Holy imagery was everywhere, with Bernini (Baroque architect) being pope’s favourite. He designed, styled and spread the whealth of the church’s detailed ‘magnificence’ all over. “Baroque religious art was designed to move, impress and please the beholder”.

The objects and materials made were functional, emotional and ornamental. They brought comfort to the believers. Bernini was the man who worked for all senses; to please, inspire and excite whoever saw his piece of ‘art’. Catholic Church used Baroque style to its fullest, and with bright golds, amazing detailed rich costumes, ornaments, objects, designs and architects, became the richest ruler of spiritual guidance. I believe this to be the best brand of all time. Amazing marketing, relevant communication tools and taste of success.

And if you get the chance, visit this exhibition in the V&A, and you will see what I mean. As it was such a overwhelming experience of how influential Catholic Church had become by simply doing a great ‘marketing mix’, you will have to see it to know what I mean. Enjoy.


~ by nessahinkaya on April 19, 2009.

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