Galaxy times…

I wanted to talk about chocolate. Not Cadbury’s, but Galaxy. If you are male, you probably haven’t come across the ads for Galaxy (& it’s iBook Club). It’s been advertised in the press majority in women’s lifestyle magazines, as well as online. Its target audience is of surprise the ladies. However their proposition is what I find intriguing. They are saying to lose ourselves.

Galaxy is creamy chocolate that melts in your mouth. That is exactly how they describe themselves, and it actually is jsut like that (I did try, the things I have to do for research!).

It is definitely an indulgence, BUT not a kind that Galaxy wants you to share. Instead they are promoting the one time you are likely to be with yoursel.f and simply loosing yourself in the space and pleasure of being alone and away from everyday stress. Yes, reading a book.

Their ads in the women’s magazines are a great example of that. Whenever I am on a long train journey, or in a coffee shop, I see women loosing themselves in magazines and/or books. After talking to some females around me, I see I am not the only one who considers reading a book a ‘present’, as most can hardly find the time to lose themselves in reading and love it when they do. Galaxy tapped into this really well.

They are delivering their message. In every pack you have a unique code that you can use at galaxybookclub website to get the chance to search through and win a book. It is also sponsoring Richard & Judy’s book club, 2009 Book Awards and has many more tools within its website for any book lovers (you can even create your own book club). The website in general looks chocolaty and very ‘geeky’, but somehow, very delicious. The new positioning aims to put Galaxy in females’ mind as soon as they lose themselves in something; such as a book.

It doesn’t stop there. Their packaging is like opening a present. You have a bright pink film over the chocolate; a material that feels like you are opening delicate underwear present (ladies will now). And the shape of the chocolate inside is curvy (although it looks rectangular on the outside).

I have to say Galaxy delivered well with their new positioning in the market. And situated themselves so far away from Cadbury’s (and any other chocolate brand) that it is on another level. In recession and all that woo-ha outside our doors, it is even more enjoyable and precious to be able to spend some quality time alone. It’s all so busy and expensive out there, which is probably why Facebook is flooded with users consistently online, instead of getting together with friends on the outside world, and why TV viewings have never been this high. With summer on the horizon, I am sure many of us will read more outside, not only a book, but magazines and such. And Galaxy might be in our hands. They not only celebrate females’ lesiure time, but creates a useful environment in which like-minded females can connect via its online microsite.


~ by nessahinkaya on April 15, 2009.

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