Little things I liked about March…

I said I would do this at the end of each month. However April being my work experience month with a great advertising agency who is keeping me busy and happy, I am sorry but this one is a bit late. But never mind, here are some things I enjoyed in March…

1. Wired Magazine. It’s campaign as well as the magazine itself.
2. Dragon’s Den Online. OK, not as good as the TV version (No Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones), but still intriguing.
3. Spring….
4. Honda’s new hybrid car campaign and the launch of the car itself.
5. Trusted Brands Survey 2009.
6. Umbro’s takeover of Euston Station (hundreds of faces staring at me.. nice)
7. £2,42bn being predicted to be spent on paid search in 2009.
8. Media Guardian’s “TV Ad” paper (16.03.09).
9. “Is the recession good for creativity” arguments!
10. Clients calling for multimillion pound reviews.
11. Rise in global accounts.
12. MPs attacks on Google.
13. The economist + Campaign’s “The Ideas People – Inside the minds of media’s biggest thinkers” magazine.


~ by nessahinkaya on April 7, 2009.

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