emotional vs feeling (Hovis vs Cadbury)

Where I am doing work experience, there is a chart of emotions; it had the name of emotions/feelings on one page in a colourful chart. Negative, positive etc. There are many many emotions. The main ones we recognize clearly are pity, sympathy, anger, fear, love, lust…

This made me want to research and go into a more depth analysis of feelings and emotions

When we feel one feeling, it eventually fades away to be replaced by another feeling. However some believe negative-feelings (fear, self-pity, anxiety) are inhibited rationally. When we feel it intensely, it creates kind of a mental block of some kind which makes it impossible or much harder for us to concentrate, or act as we normally would, and if it lives long enough it will turn into an emotion and this is where it will become irrational.

Emotions are different than feelings. When we express feelings, we are most of the time rewarded, or understood in some way. However being emotional has a bad reputation, if you were to be told you were emotional, you are most likely to take offense. Buddhists believes there are three basic feelings. Neutral, Pleasant and Unpleasant. Pleasant + unpleasant = neutral feeling.

Feelings are a lot closer to conscious mind than emotions. You get a feeling from something that just happened, and this usually involves a fast response as a feeling. However emotion is kind of fed beneath our subconscious, and it lives for a longer time. Therefore I guess being emotional is more about sensitivity as it is harder to recognize what it is and where it is coming from. If you are feeling sad or happy, you usually have a reason. Is emotion when a lot of your feelings become affected at the same time?.. Therefore harder to break down into individual feelings and harder to understand and analyse?

For example Hovis ad brought out a lot of feelings, happiness, renascence, memories (and each memory for the individual consisted of different feelings in relation to their personal experience).. And therefore it brought out an emotion.
Cadbury ads made us smile and feel happy as we saw it, it affected a couple of your feelings and therefore it was recognized easily and was clearly a feeling

Feelings are instant, and therefore recognizable: “Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf.” Jonatan Mårtensson

Emotion is sum of many feelings, lives longer beneath the subconscious and therefore delivers without our knowledge: “Any emotion, if it is sincere, is involuntary.” Mark Twain


~ by nessahinkaya on April 5, 2009.

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