You’ve been ‘Thanked’

Never mind being Tangoed.
With the success of their humorous “Save Tango” campaign, which started back in November, Tango has now launched limited edition cans with the brand name “Tango” replaced with “Thanks” to celebrate its success; or in this case the success of public in saving Tango. Tango delivers as a brand. Their previous strong proposition of asking the public to save Tango has now been followed through, instead of being just a marketing stunt.

Save Tango: I strongly admired their Save Tango campaign. I thought it was a brilliant idea; vibrant, young, mentally ill and exaggerated, just like Tango. Tango’s personality has always been crazy and up-the-wall , and Save Tango was type of a reaction (to their declining sales) which could have only be expected from this brand!

I have never been a fan of fizzy fruity drinks. However I have always liked Tango’s proposition of being ‘out there!’ in their marketing and keeping themselves relevant to their target audience of youngsters and jokers. This limited edition “Thanks” can is definitely a collectible item, and is just another of their execution which most people can only describe as being mad and Tango!



~ by nessahinkaya on March 31, 2009.

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