A new brand with energy. Selling ’emotion’ is the key.

Wired UK is a magazine that has been launched in the UK this week. Their campaign is definitely attention-grabbing with its digital-focus.

They are doing a live billboard (outdoor LED sites) that has a changing strapline according to the time of the day. In the mornings it reads stuff like “The future is on its 6th coffee already” and at night “The future never sleeps“.

Their campaign: Since my previous post on Virgin Trains‘ digital billboard, this one is the second biggest one yet. This campaign is also running on digital throughout London undergrounds, as well as LCDs in rail stations nation-wide. The online campaign is also intriguing, with banners of live RSS feeds from its website. This of course is a lot better than a banner made out of a TV ad! (a subject I talked about in my previous post).They are definitely doing an exciting launch. They had free distribution of the first magazine via GQ magazine as well as Times Saturday. They are aiming at upmarket, male-biased.

It is great to see a new emerging brand with high energy. They are not selling the content of the magazine or the price. Their creativity and innovative nature shines through this campaign. It is a shame most of the traditional brands don’t go down this root and therefore risk getting a bit ‘boring’. We are all digital-savvy consumers now, and love innovativeness. When a brand does something like this it shows they are ahead of us and gives us something to be curious about as well as entertaining. I am sure everyone will have a smile on their face as soon as they see the Wired Magazine’s digital billboard. This is what is important to the consumer now isn’t it? We are not buying facts anymore, we are buying emotions. Best proof for this is the famous Cadbury ads. It sold emotion, not chocolate. And this is what brands must do now.


~ by nessahinkaya on March 29, 2009.

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