"Discover the power of touch" a new beginning for Direct Mail

Discover the power of touch” It is not the slogan for an iPod, iTouch, iPhone, Blackberry, video game or any other exciting entertainment product.

It is the new campaign by Royal Mail that aims to promote its innovative direct mailing services. I never though I would see the day Royal Mail would put direct marketing back in agencies’ “This-is-interesting” books. But with its new campaign, I am sure a lot of us are intrigued!

They are doing: direct mail packs to advertisers and media agencies, print ads (magazine), backed up by their new website launched only for advertisers and media agencies that is full of advice and ideas.

I saw their magazine ad on Marketing Week this week, and I thought about scanning it in. But it is not a visual ad, it is a “touchable” ad. Basically you have a finger-print on a stuck-on paper and the trace of the thumb stands out from the paper and therefore you can touch it. It feels nice too!. (I realised I am not so great with describing this, someone from production, help!). Inside the thumb-print markings, you can see a scribble that says “discover the power of touch”. Finally, a message that delivers.

I mentioned they also sent out direct mail packs to agencies (unfortunately I don’t have one of course). Inside is a touch-sensitive icepack-style thing that has print on it. As you touch it, the heat changes and different words start to appear. The same strapline “Discover the power of touch“.

Truly innovative thinking from Royal Mail with this new integrated campaign! An amazing strategy, significant to the industry and the current climate, bringing Direct Mail out of the ‘boring and useless’ category. I’m truly amazed.


~ by nessahinkaya on March 26, 2009.

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