What you do in Netherlands stays in Netherlands

Fitness First’s interactive bus-stop ad, in Netherlands. It calculates the person’s weight sitting on the seat.

It is an original idea, it attracts attention. But that is about it. I am not too familiar with people in Netherlands and their attitude towards fitness and weight-issues. But certainly this kind of ad would never work in the UK. With feel-good TV about weights and sensitivity of the issue from our people, this kind of ad would not only be complained about, but it would also reflect very negatively on the brand itself.

I am guessing the insight and strategy is something like this; “People usually don’t feel comfortable showing off their weight, and by putting an interactive scale in public eye shows FitnessFirst’s confidence in making you feel better about your body when you start working out in their gym”

I stay curious on the context of Netherlands, and how this was perceived.

The image is from Creg Taylor’s post


~ by nessahinkaya on March 24, 2009.

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