‘insight’ in psychology = cause + effect

I love wikipedia-ing (that probably is not a proper verb). I wikipedia-ed the word ‘insight‘. I googled it as well. And I read many descriptions of it in Jon Steel books, planning blogs and many other resources. Most are great descriptions as you might probably know as well. However what wikipedia gave me was a slightly odd but exciting perspective!

It breaks down the meaning of insight into few categories; psychology + psychiatry, religion, business and marketing. Surprisingly none of the meanings except the one under psychology + psychiatry was any interest to me. I know Wikipedia content is not always trustworthy, but I tend to pick out what intrigues me out of the bunch! And I am excited with this one.

It says insight in psychology is “the ability to recognize one’s own mental illness“.

The mind is a matrix made up from the links between cause and effect. And this link is kind of what they call insight; “
An insight is the derivation of a rule which links cause and effect“. A ‘mature mind‘ (healthy mind) understands the link between cause and effect, and therefore has many insights. When the link is not subordinate between cause and effect, mind can’t figure out the insight, and therefore it results in confusion; what they call ‘confused mind’ (mental illness).

Good strategy (mature/healthy mind) understands not just what motivates the consumer to do (effect), but understand where they are coming from (cause).

Strategy should be a “mature mind” and have a solid link between consumer’s cause and effect to be a healthy – successful – living – breathing mechanism. And therefore won’t end up to be mentally ill.


~ by nessahinkaya on March 24, 2009.

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