Virgin is still red hot.

Virgin is doing great to break conventions. It has emerged as an outlaw brand with unconventional means to get messages across as well as using some tricky and ‘dangerous’ means to do so.
I am sure all will remember the ‘Still red hot’ TV ad for Virgin Atlantic. It is one of my favourite ads. They got away with tongue-in-cheek humour and escaped the criticism of sexism with perfect balance. They gave us something bright and a means of escape from our grey and depressing lives, especially with recession.

Virgin is still doing great in all of its services, and their advertising strategy plays a big role in its current strong positioning. Virgin Trains are now following tongue-in-cheek ads, using interactive billboards in Liverpool. The creatives write a message to fit the situation around the billboard.
For example one message is: “We’re faster than that number 45 bus.”
Here are some other examples:

copy reads: ..any marriage proposals?

Copy reads: Awwww baby in the pram! Try strolling in London.

Copy reads: Where is everyone? Have you all gone to London?

It is a great way to emphasize Virgin’s great value prices without the conventional means of saying so. They are actually showing and interacting with people on a more personal level, putting the price difference as a secondary information. This works great, as they first entertain and then inform, which should be the way most brands must go about it, especially if they want to survive in these tough times when all people hear is price cuts in ads. They need something else, that x-factor, to encourage a conversation and/or engagement from them.


~ by nessahinkaya on March 17, 2009.

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