Aero: Feel the bubbles.

Aero repositioned its brand with the new TV campaign ‘feel the bubbles‘ starring skateboarder Bob Burnquist skating through chocolate coloured balloons that has the bubble-feel.

Aero is aiming to target younger generation, female and male equal. Their previous campaigns were aimed at women using the Sex and The City hunk, shirtless, in their ads. I wasn’t so keen on it, and I believe they finally found their voice with this new campaign.

Campaign magazine interviewed the British public on what they thought about this ad. Everyone knew it was for younger people, and they liked it. It is definitely a feel-good ad. However it does become a bit repetitive as most find the 60secs a bit too long.

Personally I believe the new message, “feel the bubbles”, is significant to the brand, and it works as a young, vibrant and inviting proposition. However the execution could have been a lot less ‘cliche’. The skateboard was not necessary as the “MTV Jackass” is so last year, and it alienates young females over the age of 19!


~ by nessahinkaya on March 14, 2009.

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