Great campaign to raise awareness of the dangers in using tanning beds

Another example of good communications.

Tanning beds are fabulous for us females, although I have to admit I never used one myself. And because they are fabulous most of my gender choose to use them. And because most of us choose to use them, the dangers from it such as skin cancer are a reoccurring concern and subject in the news, as well as women’s lifestyle magazines such as Cosmopolitan. Cosmopolitan has an article on the danger of it in its latest issue!

SKCIN is a skin cancer charity. And their latest campaign to make us females aware of skin cancer and dangers of tanning beds, is a website created by them called ““. You are invited to try a 5-minute Computer Tan session, that they call a revolutionary tanning experience, and when you click to try it out, it goes full screen. You are greeted by a smiley, blonde and normal-looking girl introducing the session briefly. Then you see the UV bulbs staring at you, and … they turn into horrible skin cancer images!

After that you can either visit SKCIN website, hoax a friend or add a comment. My friend must have decided to hoax me because the reason I was on this website was because of her. Thanks.

Although I like this idea, I think it can grow out of the digital. Press campaign aiming at women’s lifestyle magazines to intrigue a visit to the website would also be a good way to increase reach. After all, we all like a free trial of almost anything!


~ by nessahinkaya on March 8, 2009.

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