Magazines and online

Following my post on newspapers’ declining sales and in the contrary growing online users (it was my first post here), magazines’ online existence is growing too. Cosmopolitan website have thousands of members and growing participation on their forums, Heat and Closer have a high cover, and if you are an advertiser hoping to put your ad on these websites, you will pay a bit.

Recent news on Hello! magazine says its website’s popularity increased by 34% since December 2008. Hello! is one of the most expensive (to advertise) and most popular magazine in the UK. Of course they adapted to the times, like most great brands always do, and improved their web content as well as increasing interactivity between its online users. My question is how this is affecting its copy sales from retailers… Could it be that soon enough, like many newspaper readers now going online for their intake, is it possible magazine readers will do the same?

Consumers buy newspapers to simply keep informed and follow their trusted editors and a particular newspaper to do so. It’s main decision making comes from the need to intake information, with less emotional equity on the consumer.

A magazine however is glossy, pretty, nice to hold and we save the best ones in the corner of our rooms. They are art, beauty and a connection to the rest of the like-minded women/men. However, magazines such as Hello! is different than say a Vogue! I can imagine More readers going online to read interviews and looking at the latest gossip, but with Vogue users it is highly unlikely. Most of my female friends who read Vogue would not give up their copy even if they were starved. This comes from passion for fashion and Vogue brand’s capability to deliver. It is not likely the same thing for say a Heat, when the reader can get their gossip online on the website.

It will be interesting to follow the connection between a magazine’s website impressions to its sales.


~ by nessahinkaya on March 3, 2009.

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