Here today, goo tomorrow

Cadbury Creme Eggs. The item for Easter. They are really building up the brand towards the Easter sales.

We had the first ever interactive bus shelter ad. They have great in-store positioning in supermarkets and entertainment stores such as Blockbusters. They now have a game called The Great Eggscape, with a newly launched microsite!

But before all this, Creme Egg has been going strong since 2007. They started with “They have landed” offline campaign on posters and TV ads, then went on to “How do you eat yours?” offline campaign with posters and experiential videos, and then recently they have tackled the gaming issue which turned it into digital completely. The feel is more like “play with your mate” and with the recent interactive bus ad and the new microsite, it really is growing stronger in communication with its consumer.

It is surprising that they are building so much awareness and rush for the Creme Egg, which most of us assume will be goo after Easter. Whatever Cadbury did this year though, they did it well. The gorilla on drums and the dancing eyebrows were successful. They were not aimed at the product, but the feeling you get from chocolate. Cadbury has done a great job to re-invent its brand in these tough times and stand strong. It tapped into the emotional equity of the consumers in a non-traditional way, and totally disrupted the market.

Cadbury is the most trusted confectionery brand with 54% (Readers Digest’s survey of Most Trusted Brands 2008). They don’t have much to fear.


~ by nessahinkaya on March 2, 2009.

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