Little things I liked about February

At the end of each month, I am going to share all the little news I enjoyed. This post is dedicated to the communications and new technology that I can’t help but enjoy!

1) Dave Ja Vu The successful re-branded Dave channel renamed it’s Dave+1 as Dave ja vu.

2) Tesco has a catalog, just like Argos.

3) 77Academy It is great that they are running a 10-week course (free) for people to learn all about new media and get hands on experience. At the end of the course you are most likely to be employed as well! You still have to apply, but it is a great opportunity, not only to learn about SEM and new media marketing, but also get the chance to shine!

4) Facebook had a great deal of complaints about its recent data policies. So they changed it back to the original. and Now they are asking users to input their opinions and policies they might feel needed or not.

5) MPs hate on Google. It has been crazy to read MPs are arguing over Google’s power on the industry.

6) Dave Trott joined Brand Republic bloggers!

7) >click My new favourite show.

8) Guardian is launching its mobile site! I am extremely happy, as I am a huge fan of The Guardian.

9) A robot, aged 3 years old, is going to teach us about how children that age develop…..

To be continued…


~ by nessahinkaya on February 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “Little things I liked about February”

  1. I like that bubble truck.I really liked London when I went there last year for the first time. “Mind the gap!”

  2. haha, thanks. That bubble truck was a promotion truck for It was riding through baker street with music and bubbles! 🙂

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