A little bit on consumer research…

A lot of research seems to be targeting the youth, mainly 15 to 26 year olds. Is it because they are the digital age, and the industry, especially media planning, is just catching up?

A month or two ago, there was a great article on The Guardian about children and their ‘obsession’ with gadgets; such as mobile phones and Xbox. They were online more than they were watching the Television. The last thing on their beds before going off to sleep was either a laptop or a mobile phone. Before it used to be books, magazines or even TV.

They are not our primary target audience most of the time, but they are the signal that tells us we are changing.

So I wanted to dedicate this post to a collection of recent consumer research updates and new findings.

I will start with mobile. Mobile industry is getting its bit on audience measurement systems, in association with GSMA, where mobile media will be more accountable for advertisers in terms of mobile media planning. The platform will be launched later on this year, and it will provide us with audience data that was not possible before. We are able to calculate who goes on what webpage using their mobile, but with this new system the data can calculate the visitors, page impressions and duration of visits. Apparently the duration people are on the Facebook via their mobile is longer than the duration via a PC.

People, although we are in the economic downturn, are not heading to Tesco’s for cheapest meals, but choosing to go to fast-food chains such as McDonalds and KFC. Fast food chains are said to be hiring more stuff rather than laying people off like the rest of the companies are doing.

Brand Republic did a research on the streets of London to find out why people were going to fast food chains more than ever. The most common reply, which you will not find surprising, is because they are cheap. We have less time, and therefore they are a quick fix.

I asked around me, and again the most common answer was the price. You can get a lot for your pound, and it fills you up saving you time from shopping in supermarkets and cooking it yourself. And one of the answers I got from a student is when you are rushing from one place to another, in your lunch break, who has the time to stop and queue?

Another target group for a new research is the free-spirited youth of festivals. Another new market research project, called The Sixty Thousand Voices, is going to be covering young music lovers online and on-site for festival seasons. Festival Republic is the company behind music festivals such as Reading, and they are now working on this project with Crowd DNA to access 16 to 24 year olds.

Just to finish off, another great idea for companies who like their consumers, is the online version of ‘suggestion box’. Big companies, such as Starbucks are targeting their audience online. Basically you can suggest your cons and pros to the company via their webpage, or online social sites and platforms.


~ by nessahinkaya on February 23, 2009.

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