Microsoft X consumer

Microsoft has many faces to its brand including entertainment, online and software. It is finding it hard to make it stand out, especially online. Its bid to take over Yahoo for example. Is Microsoft’s decline in brand value anything to do with not connecting the dots between these variety of services? We all use Microsoft Word, but how does that connect to Xbox?

Microsoft has been a follower, especially with the strong creative proposition of its rival Apple. Microsoft is a huge brand, so how come it became so boring and uninspiring? As I mentioned before, and i do want to stress out this point, it does not connect the dots and tell people what Microsoft as a whole stands for. No clear branding and no relevance to the consumer. This undermines Microsoft’s existing, but ‘unseen’, power further. Microsoft’s biggest lack of trick is that it doesn’t focus on the customer as much as it does on its products.

What made me think of Microsoft’s current positioning (or lack of) in the market is the recent news of its own store launch. Maybe finally Microsoft realised the power of the customer. Apple’s echo was always power to the people via technology. Microsoft on the other hand gave the power to its own products, rather than the consumer. Now they seem to be getting in tune with the people with new stores, but is it too late?…


~ by nessahinkaya on February 17, 2009.

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