Britain is working on its brand

The world is becoming ever so reachable for anyone, anywhere. We are not restricted to one culture, way-of-living, point of view, values and knowledge. Especially with the Internet, everyone around the world can chat to each other and exchange invaluable information. With cheap flights available to go as far as Australia, there is really no reason why people don’t travel and enjoy different cultures.

This puts each country even more responsible for its global reputation. America had it bad during Bush times, even the perception of American people changed to negative. And then change came with Obama. Something not only the citizens of America needed, but also America as a brand needed. The perception of America changed overnight with the election of Obama as the next American President.

Not quite an Obama, but UK is doing its bit on improving global perception too. The campaign “I am The West“, by the Foreign Office, is a TV ad to be broadcast in Pakistan. With this campaign, UK is aiming to solve the problem it has of been perceived as anti-Muslim. In the News in Pakistan, the West has been portrayed badly for its attitude towards Muslims. The ad features successful Muslims living in UK. They portray to the audience that there is no problem having Islam values along with liberal British values.


~ by nessahinkaya on February 16, 2009.

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