"House of cards" TV ad could do more

Great TV ad for Shelter. The idea and the message in the execution is clear and doesn’t try to be clever or black mail you with emotion. It states the facts by portraying the fragility of temporary housings as something we build with deck of cards. We all have played with building stuff using deck of cards at some point, I was good at building pyramids and would get annoyed as soon as a small movement or a blow of breath destroyed it.

It seems to be about giving the facts (a single core fact of fragility), rather than a strongly targeted, consumer-focused ad. Therefore I think it should do a lot more with this campaign. They could take it online with branded-content ads, do real stunts with deck of cards and use direct mail and props. As it is now, a TV ad, it is intriguing but it doesn’t urge any intense call to action, engagement or strong invitation for involvement. It needs that extra bit of mile to reach the consumer’s heart.

The TV ad just started to air, so maybe we haven’t seen the whole yet.

Watch this space.


~ by nessahinkaya on February 12, 2009.

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