Brand that is growing under the radar

The flood of ads and messages about promotions, sales, new characters, new brand positionings are all in the forefront in company’s advertising, yet there are brands that are changing to the core and doing it subtly, but soon might explode to be huge.

One of the brands I’m talking about is Co-op (or now known as Co-operative Group). A huge corporation that involves food, finance, travel, pharmacies, farming and funerals. It has re-launched as Co-operative Group under its new positioning “Good for everyone“. The first piece of popular PR spin-off from their new positioning is their choice of soundtrack for their campaign; Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan is famous for his ethics and righteousness and legendary existence, and known to not let many organizations use his music. Co-operative Group already differentiated itself from its competitors (such as Sainsbury’s) with this music agreement in my opinion. Co-operative Group stands strong in their core values with their commitment to environmental issues with their new campaign.

The loyalty that companies now advertise towards the environment is another issue I want to write about soon. (ASA is even putting new regulations in order to filter the green-friendly ads as there are so many of them from many companies)

Back to Co-operative Group; The new strapline “Good for everybody” is a strong statement, and a well justified one in my opinion. This new campaign will focus on Co-operative Group as a whole, rather than it’s individual sectors such as finance or food. They are aiming to voice their core values rather than their services, which in times like these what major brands are doing. (E.g Virgin Airlines – 25th Anniversary; No talk of services, prices, just the celebration of brand’s core values of being young and vibrant).

Therefore I’m looking forward to the launch of their new campaign, and very curious as to how it will turn out. The consumer needs to trust their proposition of ethical and environmental credentials, and it will be interesting to see how Co-op Group will cut through the clutter of so many similar messages on the go already.


~ by nessahinkaya on February 12, 2009.

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