Heineken ad (and its first spoof)

Have you seen Heineken‘s new walk-in fridge ad? It became one of my favourite ads recently. The concept is perfect, makes us laugh through recession, and although it obviously aims at men it doesn’t alienate women. I actually felt better about Heineken after watching that ad! It is great not to see tongue-in-cheek humour, suggestion of sex/sexiness and/or beer-goggles for once!

For those who might not have seen it (ARGH!), it is basically Heineken’s new TV ad. There is a girl and her group of friends who get really excited about her new walk-in wardrobe. They are screaming and jumping up and down (very Sex and The City style). Then we have the man and his group of friends on the other side, and what do they have? A walk-in fridge! and yes, you guessed it, full of Heineken beer! And they scream even louder. Who says you can’t have compromise in a relationship?

As with most great ads, a spoof usually follows. Guinness had the hilarious spoof of its ad with tumbling objects, and as with most parodies it is easy to understand and really does make you laugh. However Heineken’s new spoof is not your usual style. On Youtube it only has 37,113 viewers for now. Here, you can have your own opinion on it:
Heineken ad Spoof


~ by nessahinkaya on February 10, 2009.

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