Great example of targeting youth

COI has launched a mobile campaign for 15-to-18 year olds, as part of their ‘Want Respect? Use a condom” campaign. This new campaign, called “Thmbnls“, is a mobile drama series that focuses on the lives of 6 teenagers. The media choice for such campaign is perfect for its target audience, as every teenager now owns a phone with access to Internet. Their favorite gadget is their mobile phone, and they are obsessed with new applications such as video downloads, mp3s and sharing.

Each 60 second episode deals with a specific issue such as alcohol related sex. At the end of each episode the viewer is given the chance to interact with its ending and formulate their own opinion about the situation. They register online to receive an episode onto their mobile phones every Friday. The story ends on a cliff hanger, which is resolved when the viewer chooses to interact further with it. The main strategy for this campaign seems to be about making it as believable as possible. The cast is made up from local youth, and the back stories seems very possible and relevant. Such stories makes it possible to deliver a subtle message of safe-sex, when in any other situation it is easily ignored by the target audience.

And most of all, it is free to the user.

Creative agency: 20:20


~ by nessahinkaya on February 10, 2009.

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