Big competitor brands are becoming ‘twins'(?)

Here is that word again; recession. Downturn on loosing banks, jobs, indulgence and trust, not to mention money, the world of advertising seems to be tackling this issue quite well. It seems though the clients are panicking, and fearing for their brands’ future. Sainsbury’s ‘Try something new today” is now being replaced by Jamie Oliver endorsement campaign with “feed your family for a fiver”; which is what we call doing a Tesco.

Tesco is loosing its own branding, and entering a public price-war with its competitor Asda. Following Asda’s ads claiming to have thousands of products cheaper than Tesco’s, Tesco hit back with saying they do cheaper basket products (cheaper on products people buy often rather than products that they might not necessarily always buy). What is Tesco doing? Why is it going down to Asda’s level?

I think it is a dangerous game to play; an open war in your competitor’s terms. Why not ignore Asda and just go on with your own positioning in the market? Thanks to recession, people are staying in more, looking for ways to entertain themselves which also involves cooking at home and having more dinner gatherings rather than dashing out in restaurants. So why fear so much? Supermarkets are not the only ones sharing similar strategies out of fear at the moment. Other than creating Confucious in response to the Meerkat by, the world’s number 1 brand Coca Cola is now doing a Pepsi.

As you might have noticed, Pepsi redesigned all its’ logos into different smileys. (Pepsi original logo has a ‘smiley face’, Diet Pepsi logo has a ‘grin’ and Pepsi Max logo has a ‘laugh’.) It endorses happiness and invites people to have a better day. So what does Coca Cola do, the brand that turned asking for a coke to mean Coca Cola? It goes and changes it’s strapline to “Open happiness”. Where did the ‘Coke side of life’ go? Why are you doing a Pepsi, Coca Cola?


~ by nessahinkaya on February 10, 2009.

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