Newspapers and the world

Newspaper industry is failing, or is it just our imagination? In the recent years, newspaper sales have been going down, as likes of Google and BBC News Online is growing significantly.

The UK is tackling this issue by investing their time and efforts on their online presence. Online readership of a news site is growing much to the editor’s amusements; there are now frequent editors just for the newspapers online presence. Now you can have daily subscriptions, a summary of news direct to your inbox, and you don’t have to spend a penny.

What I found very interesting was the trend outside of UK, and although the same problem with failing sales of newspapers seems to be constant in every country, the way each tackles this problem varies. I read this in Media Guardian this morning, and I wanted to share it. (Source: Rory Carroll, Media Guardian, 09.02.2009)

France for example seems to offer young people a years’ free subscription to a newspaper of their choice, as an 18th birthday present. This was not a marketing stunt by one newspaper in particular, but it was a project announced by French president Nicolas Sarkozky. Most of us read the free newspapers such as Metro, so obviously if we got a free subscription, I’m sure it would increase readership. I doubt very much though if it would continue to do so after the year ends. The issue here though is not a brand share for a particular newspaper, but to increase newspaper loyalty. France seems to think reading a newspaper is a must, and they do not seem to look so warmly on young trends such as going online for their day-today updates.

I personally love reading a newspaper, I’m a loyal reader of The Guardian. But still I do not tend to buy it every morning though. I think with the growth of interaction and engagement, the newspapers are falling behind. The treats such as free DVDs tend to increase a certain impulse buy, but when it comes to loyalty even my father nowadays goes online. His loyalty lies with BBC, but not on print anymore. He has his trustworthy computer, and no time to flip through pages.


~ by nessahinkaya on February 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Newspapers and the world”

  1. Agreed with you Sweetie.How easy is it to get directly your newspaper RSS feed/website on your laptop/Iphone/Blackberry compared to the hassle of queuing under the rain at your moody local newsagent to get a print copy that will leave ink on your fingers, kill the last trees and pollute the planet??? lolI don’t buy papers.But I must admit there’s nothing like print. Nothing like holding a proper book in your hands, or the smell of freshly-printed ink on the latest issue of Vogue, that will be treasured forever.

  2. It is interesting that magazines will be treasured forever! ;)Plus, I see you are showing off with your new iPhone again 🙂 My LG Prada can only connect to Facebook properly, and I refuse to use it. Ahh…iPhone…….

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